What ?

A world first, the descent of the Amazon from source to mouth on foot and by raft. After fifteen years of research and exploration, the source of the Amazon was finally pinpointed September 11, 2011 by an international scientific team (see newspaper article after the “Republica” dated September 7, 2011).


On foot of 1000 km and 6000 km on a raft about. We will leave from the source, located in the Arequipa region of a peak of 5170 m above sea level: the Nevado Quehuisha. The key travel is lightness. We will start with the bare minimum, a bag on his back for the first part of the journey on foot. The remaining equipment will be waiting to Pichari (on the Rio Apurimac) where we will build the raft. able to show us the way.


From the meeting of the local populations of the Amazon and share the experience of a fresh perspective from an aging society and two young Gen Y on the one hand, and make an inventory of heavy metal pollution of the most great river of the world on its entire course on the other.

Source of the Amazon

Environmental concepts

During our trip, to witness the threats to the ecosystem and promote the use of renewable energy are the two poles of our expedition, highly symbolic in such a place. Here neither engine nor pollution: in every way, respect for the environment as a whole:

- Raft built in different plant species by indigenous Peruvians by their ancestral techniques

- Propulsion provided by the force of the river and the arms of the crew

- The sun, through photovoltaic panels, will cover our needs for energy needed to power our various devices (phones, video camera, camera, computer) only concession to modern technology.

Inkaterra Hotels, is a group of luxury green hotels located in Peru, a large portion of the profits are invested in the preservation of nature and the reintroduction of endemic species (Bear Andean Camelids, …).

Inkaterra Associación (foundation of the group) provides Objective Amazon expertise and laboratories for the analysis of water samples, which will map the heavy metal pollution of the Amazon.


October 2011 – June 2012